Our Vision

To become a premier institute in pharmacy education, research and practice by providing excellent education, with a strong commitment to better pharmacy practice and be in the forefront of innovative interdisciplinary research.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide exemplary pharmacy education, training and research programs for students of diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Our aim is to equip students to potentially contribute towards the drug discovery process and towards better pharmacy practice in the interest of public health. By preparing a well-trained student, we want to provide service to the society, scientific community and medical community. We intent to accomplish this by

  • Educating the D. Pharm students with knowledge about medical basics, drugs and ethics that will make them leaders in providing professional medical advice in drug regimen and pharmacy practice.
  • Empowering B. Pharm students by educating them in basic, transnational, clinical, health policies along with an emphasis on the current and future aspects of drug discovery and research.
  • Encouraging M. Pharm students towards innovations in drug research by providing them with infrastructure, facilities and guidance for advancing in research areas.