College will arrange to send periodical reports to parents regarding punctuality of attending classes, performance in Sessional Exams and assignments and any incidents of indiscipline. The Principal may ask the parents to meet him in case of any indiscipline on the part of a student.

Usage of mobile phones is strictly prohibited in the campus during working hours. If a student is found using a mobile phone, the same will be confiscated and will not be returned.

Library books should be handled in a gentle manner and students should co-operate with the librarian in maintaining the arrangement of books in the library.

Any breakages in the laboratory are to be reported promptly.

Students should wear the uniform provided on all days of the week with the exception of Saturday. They should wear the apron and other necessary protective clothing during practical classes. Failure to comply with this requirement will result in disciplinary action.

Students residing in the hostel should obey all the rules and regulations of the hostel and be obedient to the hostel warden.

Students should not involve in any sort of mischievous activity like ragging etc. either directly or indirectly failing which, they will be punishable by the Principal, whose decision will be final.