Industrial Visit


Vivekananda College of Pharmacy organized industrial visit for B Pharm students of academic year 2021-22. The visit was organized with the prior permission from the head of the companies. The Pharmaceutical industry list visited by our B Pharm students along with Faculty has given below:


Name of the Faculty


Address of Industry Visited

Learner Outcome


Dr. Shantha Kumar G S, 
Mrs. Veena Kalyani, 
Mrs. Soumyalata V

8th Sem B Pharm – 31 Students

Microlabs Limited, III Phase, Peenya Industrial Area, Bangalore

Learner acquired knowledge about GMP, facility, movement of raw materials, packing material, bulk product, semi-finished product and finished products, men movement etc., manufacturing area. 


Dr. Shantha Kumar G S

Mrs. Veena Kalyani

Mr. Tulasi Ram M S

8th Sem B Pharm – 25  Students

Embiotic Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.,  kumbalagodu, Bangalore

Develop the skills in various process involved in granulation, compression, coating and packing.


Dr. G. S. Shanthakumar

Mrs. Jayashri G

6th Sem B Pharm – 49 Students

Ayur Park Healthcare Limited,  Malur, Kolar District.

Acquired information about plant layout, design and construction of buildings, gowning procedures and   hygienic conditions followed in all departments. And also about Granulation, drying, sifting and milling and blending, Compression of granules, dedusting of tablets using deduster, metal detection in tablets using metal detector, Coating.


Dr. G. S. Shanthakumar

Mrs. Jayashri G

6th Sem B Pharm – 49 Students

Medopharm, Malur

Learner recognizes the processes carried out under each department in detail which include warehouse, granulation, compression, coating, primary packing and secondary packing, capsules filling, quality control and quality assurance.