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Career Opportunities

The field of Pharmacy has progressed by leaps and bounds and is today a branch of science in its own right. Some of the factors that make Pharmacy an evergreen sector include:

  • Chronic health problems are on the rise all over the world and this means a greater demand for qualified and trained pharmacists to work in the healthcare industry
  • As the pharmaceutical industry expands, there is an increasing demand for trained industrial pharmacists
  • Pharmaceutical companies from across the world are increasingly looking towards India as a source of intelligent, scientifically qualified and trained manpower and outsourcing their clinical research projects to contract research organizations in India. This means a greater number of job opportunities in the clinical research industry for trained pharmacists.
  • As personalized medicine based on the principles of pharmacogenomics begins gaining a strong foothold, there is bound to be a greater demand for pharmacists in a clinical and hospital setting.

Career Options

Some of the career options available to pharmacy professionals include:

  • Industrial Pharmacy – production, quality assurance, quality control, documentation, research and development and regulatory affairs in manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, nutraceuticals and herbal drug industry
  • Hospital or Clinical Pharmacy – providing healthcare in a clinical setting
  • Community Pharmacy – retail sales of drugs along with patient counselling activities
  • Marketing – promotional activities that involve interaction with doctors
  • Academics – teaching, research, higher education, medical writing


Several big players in the pharmaceutical industry such as Novo-Nordisk, Merck, Glenmark, Sanofi, Zuventus, Albert David, Cipla and Sami Labs visit the college campus regularly to fill vacancies in their manufacturing, sales and research departments. Several reputed retail pharmacy chains such as Apollo Pharmacy, Trust and MedPlus also regularly hire from our college.