Department of Pharmacognosy


Pharmacognosy is concerned with medicinal drugs obtained from natural sources like plants, animals, marine, micro-organisms and minerals. It also includes the biological, physical, chemical and microscopical analysis of natural drugs.

Pharmacognosy plays an important role in discovery of new drugs for the future of modern medicine.


  • To give guidance for UG students to perform organized research.
  • To isolate, estimate and standardize various constituents from natural sources.
  • To provide training for easy identification of drugs by morphological and microscopical methods.
  • To carry out the study of drugs used in traditional systems of medicine.
  • To study the effect of extracts from natural drugs on living cells.
  • To actively pursue in discovery of new medicinally active compounds.
  • To improve the quality of herbal medicinal products.

Our Dedicated Faculty

Prof. Bindu Sukumaran

M. Pharm

Asst. Professor

Prof. Tulasiram M. S.

M. Pharm

Asst. Professor

Departmental Activities