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Our Dedicated Faculty

Dr. D. Narasimha Reddy Professor and Principal

Department of Pharmaceutics

Dr. D. Narasimha Reddy             Professor and Head

Dr. S. J. Shankar                           Professor

Mrs. Veena Kalyani                      Asst. Professor

Mrs. Harshitha Gowda                 Asst. Professor

Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Dr. Nandha B.                              Professor and Head

Mrs. Sowmyalata                          Asst. Professor

Mrs. Karthika Paul                        Asst. Professor

Department of Pharmacology

Mrs. Veena P.                               Asst. Professor

Mr. Deepraj Paul                           Asst. Professor

Mrs. Petricia Regina Irene            Asst. Professor

Mr. Anil Kumar                              Asst. Professor

Department of Pharmacognosy

Mrs. Bindu Sukumaran                 Asst. Professor

Mrs. Anusuya R. Kashi                 Asst. Professor