Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry


Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry is an integral part of Pharmacy Profession. It is committed for training and educating the students in the field of pharmaceutical chemistry. The department’s strength is its devoted, well trained and qualified faculty members. The department is having well equipped laboratory with adequate facilities to conduct research activities. In this department, students will acquire a practical skill on handling sophisticated instruments like HPLC, FT-IR and UV-Visible spectrophotometer.


  • It covers the aspects of new drug discovery and design, where by developing synthetic drug molecules using Computer aided drug design.
  • To design and study molecular structures and chemical compounds which will serve as a basis for new medicines and determination of structure-activity relationships.
  • To strengthen fundamentals and develop skills of learners in analytical techniques.


We endeavour to provide the research community with proficient, skilled, and competent graduates in numerous domains of medicinal chemistry research.


To provide cognitive benefits to aspiring students by imparting knowledge that leads to innovative drug discoveries.

Head of the Department

Prof. Sowmyalata V.

Professor & Head,

Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry at Vivekananda College of Pharmacy, Bengaluru. In the realm of pharmaceutical chemistry, our department is dedicated to excellence in education, development, and innovation. Pharmaceutical Chemistry is an important subject in providing a foundation for future medicinal chemists to comprehend the link between molecular structure and drug action. The knowledge and skills acquired by students from this department will help them in the synthesis, purification, and characterization of new chemical substances of medicinal importance. Students in the master’s degree program are taught to work independently and will be exposed to research projects under the guidance of experienced faculty. The department is actively involved in research and has published its findings in peer-reviewed journals.

Our Dedicated Faculty

Prof. Sowmyalata V.

M. Pharm

Asst. Professor

Prof. Karthika Paul

M. Pharm (Ph. D)

Professor and Head

Prof. Hemalatha Y. R.

M. Pharm (Ph. D)

Asst. Professor

Instruments Available in the Pharmaceutical Chemistry Department

  • UV-Visible Spectrophotometer
  • FT-IR Spectrometer
  • HPLC
  • Microwave Oven
  • Hot Air Oven
  • Fluorimeter
  • Colorimeter
  • Digital Nepheloturbidimeter
  • Conductivity Meter
  • Digital Melting Point Apparatus with Silicone Oil System
  • Magnetic Stirrer with Hot Plate
  • Shaker-Incubator
  • Laboratory Centrifuge Machine